Where Your Success Starts

Media Buying

At Atom Media Group, buying media in any  and all of its forms begins with gaining a truly intimate understanding of the clients’ goods, services, and strategic marketing objectives.

Web and Digital

At Atom Media Group, we appreciate the WEB as we do all digital media: as a tool with limitless uses. We tell stories as they are meant to be told – with the power to enchant, inspire, and motivate.


Atom Media Group’s musical resources are second to none. They include on-staff composers, arrangers, nationally published critics, major festival producers and masters of ceremonies, radio hosts, and owners of literally thousands of rare, irreplaceable lps, cd’s, and other traditional and modern media.

Video and Photo

Whether it’s a 15 second tease, a three-minute webisode, or a long-form promotional or entertainment production, Atom Media Group videos are conceived, written, scored, shot, and edited with the same uncompromising levels of creativity and technical prowess.

Public Relations

We write and place editorials and op-eds.  We secure speaking engagements.  And we train clients’ staffs on how to take control of interviews and transform contentious questions into positive, “on-message” answers.


At Atom Media Group, our prime directive vis a vis strategic initiatives is to eliminate as much uncertainty as possible. So when a client comes to us with an assignment of relatively singular focus – say, a one-off video or web component – our immediate reaction is to press for details regarding the larger plan and goals.


Atom Media Group’s award-winning editorial director combines mastery of the mother tongue with the creativity and skills expected from the finest writers in our business. The author of screenplays, teleplays, and prose fiction and non-fiction, and an advertising/marketing/public relations copywriter boasting three decades of achievement, he will breathe eternal life into your words.


Whether developed as a promotional vehicle for products or services or as a commercial end in itself, an Atom Media Group event is designed to exceed its producers’ grandest expectations.